The Best Ways to Maintain Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler

Industrial evaporative air cooler is used for various purposes, from maintaining the temperature in pool area, factories, warehouses and also huge outdoor areas. This cooling appliance is also more energy efficient, not to mention the installation cost is pretty affordable. As a result, many industries choose evaporative air cooler as their preferred option of industrial cooler.

Industrial evaporative cooler is very easy to maintain. However, you will still have to maintain it regularly. To make sure the evaporative cooler will always work well, here are some regular maintenance actions that you need to perform.

Make Sure to Choose the Correct Size

When it comes to industrial air cooler, whether you choose evaporative cooler or the other types of cooling appliances, it is important to pay attention to the size of space which temperature needs to be regulated. If you want to get the best result out of the industrial evaporative cooler, then you need to make sure the capacity of the cooler matches the size of the space that you want to cool down.

You need to check the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of the cooling appliance first. If the CFM count is too small, the evaporative cooler will have to work much harder to lower the temperature in the huge area. As a result, it will not only use too much energy, the lifetime of the evaporative air cooler also can be shortened.

Preparation for summer

Industrial swamp cooler will definitely be used during the summer. To make sure it will work properly, there are some preparations you need to do to welcome the summer. Firstly, you have to clean all the panels and also the water pan. It is very important to make sure the machine can evaporate clean air. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the condition of the pad. If it is already worn, immediately change it because worn pad will make the cooling down process of the air ineffective.

Check the Water Tank Regularly

Evaporative air cooler greatly depends on water to lower the temperature. So, if the machine doesn’t have enough water or there is something wrong with the water you put inside the tank, then the air the cooler evaporates will not be in the best quality.

Industrial evaporative air cooler works really hard to keep the whole area cool. As a result, the water will be drained pretty fast. You have to check the cooler regularly to make sure that the water tank always has enough water. Otherwise, not only the air will be very dry, the machine also can be broken. To make sure the cooler always have enough water, you can choose an evaporative cooler with water feed.

However, even though you have a evaporative cooler with water feed, it is still important to regularly check the water tank. You cannot let contaminated water enters the water tank because it will affect the quality of air you breathe.

Regularly Change the Cooler Pads

Changing the cooler pads should not only be done as a preparation for the summer. As a matter of fact, you need to do it regularly. The cooler pads are the one responsible in cooling down the warm aid and also give some moist into it. Furthermore, changing the pad regularly also will prevent the cooler from rusting.

How often you need to replace the cooler pads will depend on the types of materials of the pads. If you need something durable, then cellulose pad is the answer. But it is pretty expensive so it is not the best option if you want more affordable pads. Besides the natural life span of the pads, you also need to pay attention to signs that show that the cooler pads must be immediately changed. If you feel that the air flow of the machine is reduced and the air is not as cool as usual, it is possible that the pad is filled with dust and other particles and it must be changed.

Disinfect the Cooler Regularly

Don’t forget to disinfect the swamp cooler regularly. if you smell odors in the air, it is a sign that the water tank has bacteria or mold. To make sure the cooler works well, you have to disinfect the water tank with bleach. You should disinfect the evaporative cooler at least once every three months. But if the quality of the water is bad, it is okay to do it more often.

Preparation for Winter

When the winter comes and the industrial evaporative cooler is no longer needed for several months, you have to winterize the industrial cooler. You have to clean the cooler so that the buildup mineral deposits will not hardened when the cooler is not used. Furthermore, if the swamp cooler still has some extra water inside, you have to drain it completely so that it will not freeze.

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